Professional Mould Manufacturing

LEFN Mould have introduced advanced processing equipments such as CAD/CAM/CAE software,CNC machine cente,wire cutting,EDM,universal machine tools,etc. The company has accumulated abundant production experience more than 10 years in mould designing and manufacturing.

Over the years, LEFN Mould has designed hundreds of different plastic parts. Whether you require a basic mold or a complex mold, we have the skills and experience to design your mold accurately and on time.

rd13D Mold Design

We offer extensive 3D mold design services ranging from simple parting line splits to full 3D mold assemblies using Unigraphics software. Our 3D mold design models include all the parting lines, rounds, fillets and drafts.

We deliver 3D Mold Designs and individual component models of cores, cavities, slide faces, and EDM electrodes to mold makers for CNC programming. By creating mold components as 3D solid models, CNC cutter path can be programmed directly from the resulting geometry using Unigraphics. 2-D references and detail drawings are finalized in Unigraphics or exported to a variety of other CAD packages.

Our engineering staff will work with you to develop the mold you need using three-dimensional modeling and state-of-the-art technology to ensure a precise result.

The following is a partial list of current mold steels and components used by LEFN Mould Design Division. At the same time, we can design mold according to customer's requirement.

718,718H,S136,S136H,420ESR from ASSAB of Sweden.
P20,P20+S,P20+Ni,420,H13,01 from LKM.
NAK80 from DAIDO of Japan.
Most mold bases and standard components come from LKM, DME, HASCO.


2D Mold Design

LEFN Mould offers complete fully detailed mold designs with prints of all the mold components. This includes the mold layout and assembly drawings with a separate bill of material. Each design incorporates a mold handbook. This manual details and references all the important mold features and information about your particular mold. We also furnish pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and hot runner schematics when applicable. There is a design completion check list to assure the mold design is complete and meets high standards for quality that our customers expect.

This is a sample 2D layout of a plastic injection mold design. Shown is a section and end view of the assembled mold.)

We believe we offer the best design and engineering services. We are continuously upgrading our capabilities to meet our customers ever changing needs.

For more design information on injection molds, feel free to contact LEFN Mould.

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